"Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, show me and I may understand, involve me and I will learn."

-Ben Franklin

Workshop Design
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I have applied principles from Cognitive Flexibilty Theory in order to combat this important and potentially controverial topic. With this workshop example, I aimed to provide accurate information in an unbiased atmosphere allowing the learner to understand both sides of this misrepresentation by splitting the day into two sections: one focusing on information regarding the North and the South viewpoints. 


Participants will participate in small group activities, whole class activities, hands-on interactive lessons including holding and observing items from pirate ships and their connection to slavery. 

Workshop Objectives

Project Description

The primary reason for building this workshop originated from the course Learning Science and Technology, was to properly utilize an instructional and learning theory to assist with a current problem. This workshop was based off a recent report by an organization called Teaching Tolorance, which identified major gaps in the knowledge students posess regarding the topic of American Slavery.


The workshop was a two part, two class project. As a final project for Instructional Design course based on Dick & Carey's systems approach model, I designed a Workshop Instructional Design Model I named TEMPER.

Instructional Design Model

This model is designed to be an extention of ADDIE but with the adapation of technology.