"Unless you get instructional design right, technology can only increase the speed and certainty of failure." - Horton (2020)

Multimedia Learning Artifacts
Symbolism in Art History
Journey with Ace Ventura and Thor
The Renaissance in Pop-Culture
Podcast Lessons

This is a short educational video providing alternatives to declawing your cat. This video assignment project was designed for us to attempt changing a behavior from the audience, and since I believe very strongly against declawing animals, this was a great topic. 


To follow Gagne's motivational events, I opted for a unique stimulus of PoP Funko figures who are role playing their identities to discover alternatives to this dangerous procedure.


Project Description

This screencast lesson highlights the unique expressions found in various pieces of art. The lesson was created for an eLearning course I designed for ART:101 Introduction to Art History. This screencast was my second overall attempt with this delivery method, and admittedly it's a little clunky at times. However, it is grounded in Gagne's motivational theory and I am proud of both the progress I have made in my screencast lessons, as well as the message this provides. 

Project Description

Project Description

This art history screencast lesson references the Fathers of the Renaissance to the pop-culture icons, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This was my very first attempt at a screencast lesson, and even though I grounded it in as much theory as I could, there are a multitude of shortcommings that should be revised. 


This opportunity for revisions arose during my final semester in which I was challenged with modifying an existing artifact in an effort to make it UDL compliant. I felt there was no better project than this, and this is the updated version, minus the hotspot indicators which I am unable to display on YouTube.

Project Description

These podcast lessons were activites to display the various types of online learning formats available to both teachers and students. These audio lessons were included in the ART:101 Introduction to Art History eLearning course I designed, and provide directions and guidelines for upcoming assignments.




gallery/4 strokes

Project Description

If I'm being honest, I miss the years I spent working in motorsports. When we were tasked with making our own animation project, I had that old saying "suck squeeze bang blow" cross my mind as a simple and effective way of explaining how a four-stroke motor operates. I created this .gif in Adobe Premiere Pro, which is really not designed for animation work, however, frame by frame, meticulous adjustment after meticulous adjustment, it was everything it needed to be.

How a four-stroke motor operates