"Digital games are effective as embodiments of effective learning theories that can promote higher-order outcomes." - Van Eck, 2015


Recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master's degree in Instructional Design and Technology, I am passionate about making education and learning fun utilizing various forms of technology and multimedia with a strong focus on game-based learning in higher education. Cumulatively across the nation the percentage of undergraduate students who finish a two-year degree is less than fifty percent; the percentage with a four-year degree is even lower. As our generations grow and advance with technology, so should our practices in how we distribute education.

I strive to provide a learning environment that is both relevant and enjoyable while following effective learning and instructional theories.

I took upon a second internship through the Lakota school district in southern Ohio. With this additional experience, I was allowed an opportunity to work with teachers in the field who regularly use technology in their pedagogy. The two Lakota high schools have a podcast station, a green screen studio, VR stations, 3D printers, and various other forms of technology which is utilized to enhance student knowledge.  

The School of Education through the Unviersity of Cincinnati provided me with an opportunity to complete my internship field experience with their department. As an instructional designer, I was tasked with transferring online courses from the university's primary LMS, Blackboard, to the newly purchased Canvas.  I have developed an intimate experience with navigating both platforms, including Kaltura Media Space.

During my time with Lakota I participated in an after-school event they labeled a Learning Summit. This event consisted of the department heads for each general topic to discuss curriculum needs or changes, procedures that are working or not working, and many other avenues that affect teachers' daily lives. These events are arranged twice a year and the impact they have had on the functionality of the school has been invaluable to both students and teachers. 

The work I submitted through the School of Education led me to an official paid student worker position within the university staff. I continue to do Canvas course conversions, completed course quality assessment checks, and media audits in Kaltura allocating user permissions. This part-time work has been an invaluable asset to my education and work experience in Instructional Design.

Canvas Course Design

Intern to University Staff

Learning Summit

High School Internship

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Student Life

Welcome to Tracey's Realm

My father is an amazing man. I can remember playing Duck Hunt on NES back in the 80's with him and having the greatest time. Games in general have a way of naturally building teamwork, communication, and trust - trust in yourself and in your teammates. This passion has fueled the gaming adventures I've endured throughout my life and has inspired my ambitions to continue the trend of bringing game-based elements to education as an attempt to reach a wider audience.

I attended a CIA (Culinary Institute of America) certified culinary academy in Spokane, Washington where I received an Associates Degree in 2008. Through this experience I discovered a passion for baking and am always looking for new and different ways to tweak recipes. Cooking is an art, but baking is a meticulous science which both motivates and humbles me.

These are my two furballs who are an extention of my immediate family. Zelda is my sweet calico and Santa is my silly ball of fluff. I am constantly in awe of Zelda's carefree nature. She's smart, aware, can read my every emotion, and is my rock. Santa relies on Zelda to make her feel safe (the move here to Cincinnati was very hard on her), but then bullies her when she wants attention. If I were better at social media, these two would grace many silly cat compilation videos.

Remember Halloween in grade school? The whole school including faculty all dressed up by using their creative inspiration to design something special. Recess was always a blast with one kid zooming around as the Flash while little girls are dressed up like brides holding their dress trains for one another. It was a time of dreaming and a time of social connection. I find the Renaissance Faire to be my adult version of kid Halloween. No walls, no judgements, just historical fun and fresh air.

Come One, Come All

Feline Good

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Personal Life

Level Capped Culinarian

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